The MLCN2021 Best Paper Award

Based on the evaluation of the MLCN 2021 scientific committee on the scientific content, significance of the contribution, and clarity of the communication, the MLCN2021 best paper award is presented to Qiang Ma and his coauthors Emma C. Robbinson, Bernhard Kaintz, Daniel Rueckert, and Amir Alansary for the paper titled PialNN: A Fast Deep Learning Framework for Cortical Pial Surface Reconstruction. The MLCN2021 best paper award is sponsored by Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour.

Qiang Ma is a PhD student in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London (ICL). He works in the BioMedIA group under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Rueckert and Dr. Bernhard Kainz. Prior to joining ICL, he received his MS degree in Computer Science from Columbia University in 2020 and BS degree in Mathematics from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2018. His research interest is 3D geometric deep learning for surface reconstruction of medical images.

The winner is selected among 17 candidate papers. The runner-up papers include:

  • Wilms, Matthias, Pauline Mouches, Jordan J. Bannister, Deepthi Rajashekar, Sönke Langner, and Nils D. Forkert. “Towards Self-explainable Classifiers and Regressors in Neuroimaging with Normalizing Flows.”
  • Yang, Ne, Xiong Xiao, Xianyu Wang, Guocan Gu, Liwei Zhang, and Hongen Liao. “H3K27M Mutations Prediction for Brainstem Gliomas Based on Diffusion Radiomics Learning”.
  • Ramakrishnapillai, Sreekrishna, Harris R. Lieberman, Jennifer C. Rood, Stefan M. Pasiakos, Kori Murray, Preetham Shankapal, and Owen T. Carmichael. “Constrained Learning of Task-Related and Spatially-Coherent Dictionaries from Task fMRI Data.”

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