MLCN 2021 Call for Sponsors

The International Workshop of Machine Learning in Clinical Neuroimaging, a satellite event of MICCAI ( It is a highly interdisciplinary workshop which provides a forum for state-of-art developments and applications in machine learning, brain imaging, genetics for researchers in those fields! We have organized this workshop for the last three years. Each year it has been growing substantially. We approach possible partners and sponsors to help us developing this workshop further. Therefore, we introduced three partnership programs below. While we would welcome a contribution within these partnerships, any kind of support would be a delight to us. The contribution of the sponsors will be acknowledged on the workshop website and during the event.

We will inform our sponsors after the event on how we spent the money so that it is transparent what our sponsors contributed to. We would be extremely grateful over sponsorship and use it with the following priority.

  • best paper(s) award.
  • conference fees for invited speakers.
  • support of students from developing countries to attend our workshop (if we have funds).

Golden Sponsorship 1954$: ENIAC Women (1954) Partnership

This partnership is named in honor of ladies who programmed the first computer: Fran Bilas, Jean Bartik, Ruth Lichterman, Kay McNulty, Betty Snyder, and Marlyn Wescoff.

 Silver Sponsorship 780$: al-Khwarizmi (780–850) Partnership

Al-Khwarizmi was the first to treat algebra as an independent discipline and therefore he has been described as the father or founder of algebra. Also, the word ‘algorithm’ has its roots in Latinizing his name.

Bronze Sponsorship 400$: Kharosthi (400 BC) Partnership

Kharosthi the first script that introduced decimals invented in India then transmitted to the Middle East, China and Europe.

For more information please contact Dr. Thomas Wolfers (thomas<dot>wolfers<at>psykologi<dot>uio<dot>no).